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By M. Hosseini, D. M. Klymyshyn, G. Wells, and X. Liu

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The paper presents a methodology to achieve efficient low-profile electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) antennas based on thick EBG unit cells. The EBG cells are composed of thick metal patches separated by narrow high aspect ratio (HAR) gaps, and positioned on a PEC-backed substrate. This approach yields new miniaturized EBG cells with considerably reduced electrical size. The miniaturized cells are employed to demonstrate new compact self-excited EBG resonator antennas with considerably reduced operating frequencies. Full-wave simulations and experimental results demonstrate the design approach.

M. Hosseini, D. M. Klymyshyn, G. Wells, and X. Liu, "Thick Metal EBG Cells with Narrow Gaps and Application to the Design of Miniaturized Antennas," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 145, 185-193, 2014.

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