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By J. Ilvonen, R. Valkonen, J. Holopainen, and V. Viikari

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A novel frequency reconfigurable 4G Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) handset antenna is presented and verified with experimental results. Frequency tuning is used to minimize the antenna volume and to compensate for the losses related to user-originated impedance detuning. Both antenna elements are independently frequency reconfigurable and can cover most of the LTE-A bands. The study compares the losses of CMOS- and MEMS-based digitally tunable capacitors (DTC). In addition, two prototypes with total antenna volumes of 1170 and 3900 mm3 have been studied. The results show that the larger antenna structure operates with an efficiency better than 49% across the frequencies of 698-960 MHz and better than 56% across the frequencies of 1430-2690 MHz, when a MEMS-based DTC is used. In addition, a new method is introduced to estimate the suitability of the antenna geometry for frequency tunable antennas.

J. Ilvonen, R. Valkonen, J. Holopainen, and V. Viikari, "Multiband Frequency Reconfigurable 4G Handset Antenna with MIMO Capability," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 148, 233-243, 2014.

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