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By J. P. Barrett, A. R. Katko, and S. A. Cummer

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Metamaterials have been previously loaded with diodes and other types of passive circuit elements. Transistors offer an alternative to these established loading elements to expand the possible capabilities of metamaterials. With embedded transistors, additional degrees of freedom are achieved and lay out the architecture for more complex electromagnetic metamaterial design. A mathematical analysis of transistor loaded SRR unit cells is described in which the transistor acts as a variable resistor. From the mathematical analysis, we calculate transmission coefficients for a single unit cell. We then experimentally measure two SRRs with tunable quality factors and thus tunable bandwidth based upon modulating the effective loading circuit resistance to confirm the calculations. From the agreement between the calculated and measured transmission coefficients, we expand the analysis to show that a slab of more densely packed unit cells can achieve negative permeability with varying degrees of dispersion.

J. P. Barrett, A. R. Katko, and S. A. Cummer, "Bandwidth Tuning in Transistor Embedded Metamaterials Using Variable Resistance," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 157, 49-61, 2016.

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