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By M. El Badawe and O. M. Ramahi

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This work presents a design for a metasurface that provides near-unity electromagnetic energy harvesting and RF channeling to a single load. A metasurface and a feeding network were designed to operate at 2.72 GHz to deliver the maximum power to a single load. Numerical simulations show that the metasurface can be highly efficient delivering the maximum captured power to one load using a corporate feed network reaching Radiation-to-RF conversion efficiency as high as 99%. A prototype was fabricated incorporating a rectification circuit. Measurements demonstrated that the proposed metasurface harvester provides Radiation-to-DC conversion efficiency of more than 55%, which is significantly higher than earlier designs reported in the literature.

M. El Badawe and O. M. Ramahi, "Efficient Metasurface Rectenna for Electromagnetic Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 161, 35-40, 2018.

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