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By F. Cai, J. Chen, C. Zhou, X. Zhu, and S. He

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Light-sheet microscopy has attracted considerable attention since it is a fluorescence imaging technique with rapid optical sectioning capabilities for transparent sample. In our study, we report a new application based on light-sheet microscopy for exploratory investigating three-dimensional surface topography of opaque sample. Instead of using inelastic scattering fluorescent signal, our method utilizes the elastic scattering light from the surface of opaque sample, which is illuminated by a light sheet generated by a cylindrical lens. Through a simple structural modification by removing the fluorescent filter, the orthogonally imaging module can capture the elastic scattering image. As the opaque sample is scanned by a motorized stage, the light-sheet microscope acquires a serial of sectional images, which can be stitched to be a three-dimensional surface topography image. This method also offers the opportunity to visualize 3D fingerprint on micron level. Therefore, this technique may be useful in industry and biomedical field for the measurement of surface microstructure.

F. Cai, J. Chen, C. Zhou, X. Zhu, and S. He, "Exploratory Study on Light-Sheet Based Three-Dimensional Surface Topography," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 161, 11-18, 2018.

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