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Exploiting the Topological Robustness of Composite Vortices in Radiation Systems

By Mirko Barbuto, Mohammad-Ali Miri, Andrea Alu, Filiberto Bilotti, and Alessandro Toscano
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 162, 39-50, 2018


Recent years have witnessed an increasing interest in topological states of condensed matter systems, whose concepts have been also extended to wave phenomena. Especially at optical frequencies, several studies have reported applications of structured light exploiting topological transitions and exceptional points or lines, over which a field property of choice is undefined. Interesting properties of light beams with phase singularities (such as the creation, annihilation or motion of these topological points) have been observed in composite vortices


Mirko Barbuto, Mohammad-Ali Miri, Andrea Alu, Filiberto Bilotti, and Alessandro Toscano, "Exploiting the Topological Robustness of Composite Vortices in Radiation Systems," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 162, 39-50, 2018.


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