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By J. L. Cano and A. Mediavilla Sanchez

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nullA quasi-octave bandwidth arbitrary-angle compact waveguide twist using a single matching step is presented. The proposed twist, based on a single intermediate ridge waveguide section that broadens its mono-mode operation, exhibits a similar wave impedance to the rectangular waveguide connected to its ports thus facilitating the reflections minimization in an extended frequency range. An exemplary 45° twist has been manufactured in the 10 GHz to 19.3 GHz frequency range (~64%) for demonstration purposes. The measured data are in concordance with those predicted by the simulation. This result represents, to the authors' knowledge, today's state-of-the-art in terms of compactness and bandwidth performance.

J. L. Cano and A. Mediavilla Sanchez, "Arbitrary-Angle Single-Step Waveguide Twist for Quasi-Octave Bandwidth Performance," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 162, 73-79, 2018.

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