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Recent Progress on Achromatic Metalenses (Invited Review)

By Qikai Chen, Yitian Liu, Yaoyuan Lei, Sijie Pian, Zhuning Wang, and Yaoguang Ma
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 173, 9-23, 2022


As a potential alternative to conventional lenses, metalenses have the advantage of ultrathin volume and light weight. Such miniaturization is expected to apply to compact, nanoscale optical devices such as micro-cameras and high-resolution display. However, chromatic aberration is an important problem in the application of metalenses, which will damage the imaging resolution and color reality for multi-wavelength incident light. Here, we briefly discuss recent development of design methods for achromatic metalenses, containing one or more pieces, and experimental evaluation of their performances.


Qikai Chen, Yitian Liu, Yaoyuan Lei, Sijie Pian, Zhuning Wang, and Yaoguang Ma, "Recent Progress on Achromatic Metalenses (Invited Review)," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 173, 9-23, 2022.


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