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Low Cost and High Performance 5-Bit Programmable Phased Array Antenna at Ku-Band

By Xin Li, Han Qing Yang, Rui Wen Shao, Feng Zhai, Guo Biao Liu, Zheng Xing Wang, Hong Fei Gao, Ge Fan, Jun Wei Wu, Qiang Cheng, and Tie-Jun Cui
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 175, 29-43, 2022


We present a low-cost and high-performance 5-bit programmable phased array antenna at Ku-band, which consists of 1-bit reconfigurable radiation structures, digital phase shifters, and coplanar waveguide feeding network. The 1-bit reconfigurable radiation structure utilizes symmetric geometries and PIN diodes to form stable 180° phase difference. The digital phase shifter provides 168.75° phase difference and together with the radiation structure form a 348.75° phase coverage. The antenna operates between 14.4 and 15.4 GHz, and the overall array contains 24×2 elements with each of them being individually addressable. By changing the states of the diodes and thus adjusting the phase coding sequences of the array, the antenna achieves 0°-60° precise beam scanning at 14.8 GHz, with the sidelobe level, cross-polarization, and gain fluctuation being less than -16 dB, -26 dB, and 2.4 dB, respectively. A prototype was fabricated to verify the design, and the measurement results agree well with simulations. Compared with traditional phased arrays composed of numerous phase shifters and T/R components, the proposed antenna features high performance, high flexibility, low profile, and low cost. The antenna provides a new and feasible solution of wavefront steering and will benefit the various application scenarios.


Xin Li, Han Qing Yang, Rui Wen Shao, Feng Zhai, Guo Biao Liu, Zheng Xing Wang, Hong Fei Gao, Ge Fan, Jun Wei Wu, Qiang Cheng, and Tie-Jun Cui, "Low Cost and High Performance 5-Bit Programmable Phased Array Antenna at Ku-Band," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 175, 29-43, 2022.


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