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Radiation from an Eccentric Coated Cylinder with Slots of Arbitrary Sizes and Positions

By Muhammad Mushref
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 11, 55-78, 2009


The transverse electric (TE) field patterns and characteristics are considered for a cylinder with N infinite axialsl ots of arbitrary opening size and position. The cylinder is a thin circular conductor and covered by an eccentric material. Radiations are determined by applying the boundary conditions to the cylindrical wave functions of the fields. The addition theorem of Bessel functions is employed to find an infinite-series solution in Fourier-Bessel series form. Results are achieved by reducing the produced infinite series to a finite number of terms and judged against other published data. Numerical and graphical results for different values are also presented and discussed for small eccentricities.


Muhammad Mushref, "Radiation from an Eccentric Coated Cylinder with Slots of Arbitrary Sizes and Positions," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 11, 55-78, 2009.


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