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By H. Oraizi and M. Afsahi

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The transmission line transfer matrix method (TLTMM) is proposed for the analysis of planar multilayer metamaterial (MTM) structures, where a transmission line model is developed by the transfer matrix method. This novel method may consider any oblique incident plane wave at any angle of incidence, any linear polarization (TE or TM with respect to the incidence plane), circular and elliptical polarizations, any frequency range (microwave or optical frequencies), any number of layers, any combination of common materials (DPS) and MTMs (such as DNG, ENG, MNG), any layer thickness, consideration of any dispersion relations for ε and μ, etc. A unified formulation is presented for both TE and TM polarizations, which lead to the evaluation of the fields and powers inside the layers and half spaces. The objective of the paper is to analyze and design several diverse problems of multilayered structures by TLTMM and a matrix method. The results of computations by TLTMM are agreed with the literature where possible and with the matrix method.

H. Oraizi and M. Afsahi, "Transmission Line Modeling and Numerical Simulasion for the Analysis and Optimum Design of Metamaterial Multilayer Structures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 14, 263-283, 2009.

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