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A New Structure of Mmi Polymer Thermo-Optic Switch with a High Refractive Index Contrast

By Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Hetar, Abu Bakar Mohammad, Abu Sahmah M. Supa'at, Zaid Ahmed Shamsan, and Ian Yulianti
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 24, 103-120, 2010


The 2×2 MMI polymer thermo-optic switch in a high refractive index contrast (0.102) with a new structure design is realized. This device was fabricated using standard fabrication techniques such as coating, photolithography, and dry etching. A crosstalk level of -36.2 dB has been achieved. Meanwhile the extinction ratio of 36.1 dB has been achieved in this device. The polarization dependent loss (PDL) of 0.3 dB and Insertion loss of 1.4 dB were measured at 1550 nm wavelength. In terms of wavelength dependency, the device shows a good performance within C-band wavelength with vacillation of the insertion loss value around 0.88 dB. The power consumption of 1.85 mW was measured to change the state of the switch from the cross to bar state. The measured switching time was 0.7 ms.


Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-Hetar, Abu Bakar Mohammad, Abu Sahmah M. Supa'at, Zaid Ahmed Shamsan, and Ian Yulianti, "A New Structure of Mmi Polymer Thermo-Optic Switch with a High Refractive Index Contrast," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 24, 103-120, 2010.


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