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By S.-K. Kuo, J.-Y. Hsu, and Y.-H. Hung

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Using magnetic composite material as the substrate for RFID metal tag has several advantages over conventional metal tags, such as flexibility and miniaturized size. In this paper, the radiation intensity contributed by a half-wave dipole is derived based on the result of an ideal Hertzian dipole, which leads to a simple relation for thin substrate. Later on, the material constants of two materials are measured and the one capable of generating greater radiation intensity is used in the course of antenna design. A primitive pattern design demonstrates the metal tag has a satisfactory 2.7 m reading range, and a dimension of 80×22×2 mm3.

S.-K. Kuo, J.-Y. Hsu, and Y.-H. Hung, "Analysis and Design of an UHF RFID Metal Tag Using Magnetic Composite Material as Substrate," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 24, 49-62, 2010.

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