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By Y.-F. Chau, Z.-H. Jiang, H.-Y. Li, G.-M. Lin, F.-L. Wu, and W.-H. Lin

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We investigate the localized surface plasmon resonances (LSPR) of a pair of dielectric-core/silver-shell nanospheres, with and without a silver nanobar connecting them, for different values of the permittivity of the dielectric core, using the finite element method. Results show that the structure of a pair of core shells with a nanobar possesses a distinct blue-shifted behavior that can be manipulated from near infrared to visible light. The near field intensity can be enhanced by several orders of magnitude and the working wavelengths depend on the shell thickness, dielectric medium in hollow metallic shell and the diameter of the nanobar. In addition, three or more pairs of nanospherical chain waveguides have also been investigated in our simulations.

Y.-F. Chau, Z.-H. Jiang, H.-Y. Li, G.-M. Lin, F.-L. Wu, and W.-H. Lin, "Localized Resonance of Composite Core-Shell Nanospheres, Nanobars and Nanospherical Chains," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 28, 183-199, 2011.

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