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By T. Sabapathy, S. W. Tan, and T. C. Chuah

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Local multipoint distribution service (LMDS) is a broadband wireless access technology that operates at microwave frequencies above 25 GHz. However, severe attenuation due to excessive rain in tropical regions presents a major challenge for achieving reliable communication over such frequencies. To overcome this problem, cell-site diversity (CSD) can be deployed in cellular-type LMDS networks. In this paper, we address the problem of reliable communication for LMDS networks in heavy rain regions by proposing a fuzzy weight controller based cell-site diversity (FWC-CSD) scheme. Rain cells are randomly simulated in an LMDS network to analyze the system performance using the proposed FWC-CSD scheme. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme yields improved performance in terms of average outage probability and throughput while maintaining the overall quality of service.

T. Sabapathy, S. W. Tan, and T. C. Chuah, "Fuzzy Weight Controller Based Cell-Site Diversity for Rain Fading Mitigation in Lmds Networks in the Tropics," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 28, 235-251, 2011.

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