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By P. Sarajcev, S. Vujevic, and D. Lovric

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This paper presents a novel time-harmonic electromagnetic model for determining the current distribution on conductor grids in horizontally stratified multilayer medium. This model could be seen as a basis of the wider electromagnetic model for the frequency-domain transient analysis of conductor grids in multilayer medium. The total number of layers and the total number of conductors are completely arbitrary. The model is based on applying the finite element technique to an integral equation formulation. Each conductor is subdivided into segments with satisfying the thin-wire approximation. Complete electromagnetic coupling between segments is taken into account. The computation of Sommerfeld integrals is avoided through an effective approximation of the attenuation and propagation effects. Computation procedure for the horizontally stratified multilayer medium is based on the successful application of numerical approximations of two kernel functions of the integral expression for the potential distribution within a single layer, which is caused by a point source of harmonic current. Extension from the point source to a segment of the earthing grid conductors is accomplished through integrating the potential contribution due to the line of harmonic current source along the segments axis.

P. Sarajcev, S. Vujevic, and D. Lovric, "Time-Harmonic Current Distribution on Conductor Grid in Horizontally Stratified Multilayer Medium," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 31, 67-87, 2011.

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