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By L. K. Warne, L. I. Basilio, W. L. Langston, W. A. Johnson, and M. B. Sinclair

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The design of resonators with degenerate magnetic and electric modes usually requires the ability to perturb one or both types of modes in order to induce alignment of magnetic and electric properties. In this paper perturbation theory is used to identify different types of inclusions that can be used to realize fundamental-mode degeneracy in a rectangular dielectric resonator and thus, can ultimately be used in the design of negative-index metamaterials. For reasons associated with fabrication in the infrared-frequency regime, rectangular resonator designs are of particular interest.

L. K. Warne, L. I. Basilio, W. L. Langston, W. A. Johnson, and M. B. Sinclair, "Perturbation Theory in the Design of Degenerate Rectangular Dielectric Resonators," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 44, 1-29, 2012.

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