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By A. S. Shalin and S. A. Nikitov

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In this work we investigate the effect of broadband antireflection of a medium by a layer of embedded nano-cavities arranged near the surface. It is shown that this structure is versatile and allows near 100% transmittance in a wide spectral range practically for any dielectric material. The approximate model of nano-structured layer is suggested that allows to determine the parameters of the system necessary for achieving antireflection of any a priori given media without complicated numerical calculations. The transmission spectrum of a medium modified by such a structure is entirely defined by a radius and a depth of bedding of the nano-porous layer.

A. S. Shalin and S. A. Nikitov, "Approximate Model for Universal Broadband Antireflection Nano-Structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 47, 127-144, 2013.

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