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By R. S. Nair, E. Perret, and S. Tedjni

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A time domain chipless RFID tag based on cascaded microstrip coupled transmission line sections (C-sections), which can operate in multi-frequency bands is presented. The group delay characteristics of the C-sections are exploited to generate the tag Identification (ID). The tag comprises cascaded commensurate group of C-sections and two cross-polarized ultra wide-band (UWB) antennas. Since the proposed tag can operate in multi-frequency, this paper proves the possibility of increasing the coding capacity compared to the existing time domain designs. A tag operating at ISM (Industrial Scientific and Medical) bands at 2.45 GHz and 5.8 GHz together with conformance of frequency and power regulations is discussed elaborately. The proposed device is designed, prototyped and experimentally verified. The time domain characteristic of the tag is also validated experimentally by interrogating with a short pulse. Furthermore, measurement results obtained using a commercial UWB (Ultra Wide Band) radar which can be used a chipless RFID reader is also incorporated. The obtained results confirm the concept and the possibility of using temporal multi-frequency in chipless RFID.

R. S. Nair, E. Perret, and S. Tedjni, "A Temporal Multi-Frequency Encoding Technique for Chipless RFID Based on C-Sections," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 49, 107-127, 2013.

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