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By H. Guo, C.-J. Guo, Y. Qu, and J. Ding

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An improved nonlinear least-square method is presented in this paper. This method changes the traditional least-square method's shortness of being sensitive to its initial conditions. Pattern synthesis for concentric circular arrays using nonlinear least-square method is introduced. The excitation amplitudes and phases of the array elements are optimized. This method can make the design of the feeding network much easier because the excitation amplitudes of the elements placed on the same ring are equal. The number of parameters to be optimized is reduced which leads to a faster simulation speed and makes the simulation results much more accurate. Also, the cost of designing the feeding network is reduced. The simulation results show the good agreement between the synthesized and desired radiation pattern. Also, the peak side lobe level (PSLL) of the synthesized radiation pattern is quite low.

H. Guo, C.-J. Guo, Y. Qu, and J. Ding, "Pattern Synthesis of Concentric Circular Antenna Array by Nonlinear Least-Square Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 50, 331-346, 2013.

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