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By M. Nasserdine, S. Mengue, C. Bourcier, and E. Richalot

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Due to the sensitivity of the field distribution within a resonant cavity to the presence of an object, conventional measurement techniques employing a probe suffer from a limited accuracy. Therefore we propose a new measurement technique of the electric field distribution that avoids the use of a probe. Based on the perturbation theory, it consists of a measure of the cavity resonant frequency variation while displacing a small perturbing object within the cavity. The choice of the perturbing object shape, dimension and material is discussed with the help of simulation and measurement results in a canonical case. The case of reverberation chamber equipped with a mode stirrer is also considered, as well as the insertion of a metallic box within the cavity. Our measurement setup is very low-cost, simple to set up and to use, and adapted to any cavity geometry.

M. Nasserdine, S. Mengue, C. Bourcier, and E. Richalot, "Field Measurements Within a Large Resonant Cavity Based on the Perturbation Theory," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 57, 1-20, 2014.

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