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By C. Arora, S. S. Pattnaik, and R. N. Baral

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This article presents a microstrip fed patch antenna array, loaded with metamaterial superstrate. An unloaded antenna array resonates at IEEE 802.16a 5.8 GHz Wi-MAX band with gain of 4.3 dBi and bandwidth of 425 MHz whereas when the same array is loaded with a metamaterial superstrate, composed of the pair of Split Ring Resonators (SRR), there is simultaneous gain and bandwidth improvement to 8 dBi and 680 MHz, respectively, which corresponds to gain improvement by 86% and bandwidth enhancement of 60%. The fabrication of this proposed antenna array is done, and its simulated and measured results compared. Equivalent circuit model of this composite structure has been developed and analyzed. The electrical dimension of the patch is 0.23λx0.3λ.

C. Arora, S. S. Pattnaik, and R. N. Baral, "SRR Superstrate for Gain and Bandwidth Enhancement of Microstrip Patch Antenna Array," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 76, 73-85, 2017.

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