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By V. V. Razevig, S. I. Ivashov, A. P. Sheyko, I. A. Vasilyev, and A. V. Zhuravlev

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The former Senate building, Saint-Petersburg, Russia is being refitted for using it by the Constitutional court of Russian Federation. The team of Remote Sensing Laboratory was invited to participate in this work. The case is that the underfloor water heating system had been installed in the Senate building. The arrangement of pipes hasn't been precisely documented. Besides, there are power and communications cables as well as metal mesh under the concrete floor of the building. Workers were afraid of damaging pipes and cables during laying the parquet floor. Main purpose was to investigate the building floor and to define exact position of pipes and cables with the help of subsurface holographic radars developed by Remote Sensing Laboratory.

Citation: (See works that cites this article)
V. V. Razevig, S. I. Ivashov, A. P. Sheyko, I. A. Vasilyev, and A. V. Zhuravlev, "An Example of Holographic Radar Using at Restoration Works of Historical Building," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 1, 173-179, 2008.

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