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By Y. C. Lee

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In this work, CPW-to-stripline (SL) vertical via transitions using gradually stepped vias and embedded air cavities are presented for V-band LTCC System-on-Package (SoP) applications. In order to reduce radiation loss due to abrupt via discontinuities, gradual via transitions are proposed and investigated. In addition, in order to reduce increased parasitic shunt capacitance due to stepped via structures, air cavities are embedded below the transition vias. Using a 3-D EM simulation tool, the proposed transitions are designed and analyzed, compared to the conventional transition. Three-segment transmission lines (CPW-SL-CPW) in 7-layer LTCC dielectrics were fabricated and measured. The two stepped via (STV2) transition embedding air cavities shows an insertion and return losses of 1.6 dB and below -10 dB, respectively, over 60 GHz. The transition loss per one STV2 transition is 0.7 dB at 60 GHz.

Y. C. Lee, "CPW-to-Stripline Vertical via Transitions for 60ghz LTCC Sop Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 2, 37-44, 2008.

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