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By X. Hu, Q. Zhang, and S. He

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In this paper, a complementary meander line split-ring resonator (C-MLSRR) model is proposed and its equivalent circuit model is given. Prototypes of microstrip lines loaded with C-MLSRR with and without series capacitive gaps are designed, which exhibit a negative permittivity behavior (without series capacitive gaps) and a left-handed behavior (with series capacitive gaps), respectively, at two different frequencies. The application of the C-MLSRRs in compact dual band (i.e., 2.52 GHz and 5.35 GHz) notch filter for wideband application is presented to highlight the unique features of the C-MLSRRs.

X. Hu, Q. Zhang, and S. He, "Compact Dual-Band Rejection Filter Based on Complementary Meander Line Split Ring Resonator," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 8, 181-190, 2009.

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