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Remote Sensing with Tdmf Radar: Some Preliminary Results

By Songhua Yan, Xiongbin Wu, and Zezong Chen
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 14, 79-90, 2010


HF radar in ocean remote sensing makes use of electromagnetic waves of 10m to 100m wavelength from the rough sea surface to measure surface current and ocean wave parameter. Recently, a new time division multiple frequency HF radar system called OSMAR2009 has been developed by the Wuhan University. One main advantage of the system is that it is of great help in extracting current parameters and significant wave height. A further advantage is the ability to avoid interference. In addition, this technique offers the opportunity to measure the current shear. These advantages are gained by transmitting time division multiple frequency chirp instead of one frequency chirp. This paper introduces the technical design and the advantage of OSMAR2009 and describes the remote sensing experiment implemented in East China sea during 2009, followed by the field results and the brief analysis of such results.


Songhua Yan, Xiongbin Wu, and Zezong Chen, "Remote Sensing with Tdmf Radar: Some Preliminary Results," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 14, 79-90, 2010.


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