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By A.-A. San-Blas, F. J. Perez, J. Gil, F. Mira, V. E. Boria, and B. Gimeno Martinez

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The efficient design of broadband turnstile junctions compensated with piled-up cylindrical metallic posts is discussed in this contribution. Very high relative bandwidths can be obtained, while maintaining the diameter of the input circular access port lower than the width of the rectangular waveguide ports, thus reducing the number of excited higher order circular waveguide modes. A novel full-wave analysis tool has also been implemented in order to reduce the CPU effort related to the complete design process.

A.-A. San-Blas, F. J. Perez, J. Gil, F. Mira, V. E. Boria, and B. Gimeno Martinez, "Full-Wave Analysis and Design of Broadband Turnstile Junctions," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 24, 149-158, 2011.

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