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By H. Peng, Z. Yang, and T. Yang

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Because of the asymmetry of six-port junctions and the nonlinearity of diode detectors, the calibration of direction finding receivers have to be carefully considered. It is generally believed that an efficient tool for numerical approximations, the artificial neural network (ANN), may be used for such calibrations. In this paper, a new calibration technique based on the ANN is proposed for direction finding receivers at a bandwidth of 1 GHz. The direction finding system adopts a zero-intermediate frequency receiver architecture, which offers the advantage of fast response times. The key modules of this receiver consist of two six-port networks used to measure phase differences and operating frequencies. The results indicate that the calibration technique achieves a high accuracy of 0.192°.

H. Peng, Z. Yang, and T. Yang, "Calibration of a Six-Port Receiver for Direction Finding Using the Artificial Neural Network Technique," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 27, 17-24, 2011.

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