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By E. I. Elsaidy, M. I. Dessouky, S. Khamis, and Y. A. Albagory

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Concentric circular antenna array (CCAA) is synthesized to generate pencil beam with minimum side lobe level (SLL). The comprehensive learning particle swarm optimizer (CLPSO) is used for synthesizing a ten-ring CCAA with central element. This Synthesis is done by finding the optimum current excitation weights and interelement spacing of rings. The computational results show that sidelobe level is reduced to -40.5 dB with narrow beamwith about 4.1o.

E. I. Elsaidy, M. I. Dessouky, S. Khamis, and Y. A. Albagory, "Concentric Circular Antenna Array Synthesis Using Comprehensive Learning Particle Swarm Optimizer," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 29, 1-13, 2012.

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