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By S.-W. Su and Y.-W. Chang

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A standalone, printed monopole antenna with a two-branch shorting strip and a grounding wire to achieve a small size and yet multi-band operation for penta-band wireless wide area network (WWAN) operation (824-960/1710-2170 MHz) is presented. The antenna was formed on a low-cost, single-layered dielectric substrate with the dimensions 10 mm×50 mm. By applying the proposed grounding wire and the dual-shorting strip, two resonant modes in close proximity in the antenna's lower band were obtained to cover the GSM850/900 operation. Further, the proposed shorting strip led to two additional, higher-order resonance excitation at about 1700 and 1800 MHz to assist in the formation of a wide upper band to cover the GSM1800/1900/UMTS operation. The proposed antenna also showed good radiation properties. Details of the design are described and discussed in the article.

S.-W. Su and Y.-W. Chang, "Compact, Printed, Standalone Penta-Band Antenna for WWAN Operation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 29, 75-86, 2012.

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