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By N. Kulkarni, S. N. Mulgi, and S. K. Satnoor

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This paper presents the design and development of corner truncated rectangular microstrip antenna comprising U and inverted U-slot for multiband tunable operation, wide impedance bandwidth, and high gain. By incorporating U and inverted U-slots of optimum geometry on the radiating patch the proposed antenna operates between 3 to 12 GHz at different frequency bands and giving a peak gain of 1.73 dB without changing the nature of broadside radiation characteristics, compared to conventional rectangular microstrip antenna. The experimental and simulated results are in good agreement with each other. Design concepts of the antenna are given. The experimental results are presented and discussed. The proposed antennas may find applications in WiMax, HIPERLAN/2, and radar communication systems.

N. Kulkarni, S. N. Mulgi, and S. K. Satnoor, "Design and Development of Corner Truncated U and Inverted U-Slot Multiband Tunable Rectangular Microstrip Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 29, 185-199, 2012.

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