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By L. Ma, K. Song, C. Zhuge, and Y. Fan

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A novel compact bandpass filter (BPF) with wide upper-stopband has been proposed in this paper. The structure is based on spiral-shaped resonators. Cross coupling is used to generate two transmission zeros at the lower and upper stopbands. Therefore, the out-of-band performance is improved. In addition, two spur-lines are adopted in the feed lines to reject the spurious response. The central frequency f0 of this filter is at 2.45 GHz with a minimum insertion loss of less than 1 dB and a 3 dB bandwidth of 12.5%. Four transmission zeros are located at 2 GHz, 3 GHz, 5.5 GHz, and 8 GHz. The attenuation is greater than 20dB in a wide upper stopband up to 9.8 GHz.

L. Ma, K. Song, C. Zhuge, and Y. Fan, "Compact Bandpass Filter with Wide Upper-Stopband Based on Spiral-Shaped Resonators and Spur-Lines," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 29, 87-95, 2012.

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