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By X.-C. Zhang, C.-H. Liang, and J. W. Xie

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A new wide-band microstrip phase inverter is reported in this paper. Interdigital striplines, defected ground and via holes are used to obtain 180° phase shift. The structure is simple and can be realized with ordinary microwave integrated circuit (MIC) fabrication process. The bandwidth is enhanced largely. A lumped-element model of the phase shifter is devised. The fabricated phase inverter has a bandwidth of 105.6% (2.065-6.682 GHz), with 1 dB insertion loss and a phase deviation less than 10°.

X.-C. Zhang, C.-H. Liang, and J. W. Xie, "Microstrip Phase Inverter Using Interdigital Strip Lines and Defected Ground," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 29, 167-173, 2012.

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