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By J. Zhang and X. Yang

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An integrated compact circular-polarized annular ring slot antenna is proposed in this paper. It consists of an annular ring slot radiator and a hybrid patch coupler. The hybrid patch coupler is integrated with the annular ring slot antenna to radiate the circular-polarized wave, while size of the antenna remains the same. Both the impedance bandwidth and axial ratio bandwidth of the proposed design almost cover the entire UHF band of RFID system and it has the features of easy fabrication and low cost. To verify the proposed design, a prototype is fabricated. Measured results agree well with the simulated results.

J. Zhang and X. Yang, "Integrated Compact Circular Polarization Annular Ring Slot Antenna Design for RFID Reader," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 39, 133-140, 2013.

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