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By Y. Kim and S. Sim

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In this paper, a novel four-port symmetric coupled composite right-/left-handed (CRLH) transmission line in common-/differential-mode operation is introduced. The symmetric metamaterial structure is based on a unit-cell which under a differential-mode excitation behaves like a CRLH metamaterial with bandpass filter characteristics. In contrast, the CRLH metamaterial is below the cut-off frequency under a common-mode excitation. To validate these features, a five-cell four-port symmetric CRLH-TL is simulated, fabricated, and measured, and the obtained results verify the bandpass filter features of the structure under differential-mode excitation.

Y. Kim and S. Sim, "Symmetric Coupled Composite Right-/Left-Handed Transmission Line in Common-/Differential-Mode Operation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 40, 1-8, 2013.

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