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By L. Ji, G. Fu, Z.-Y. Zhang, and S.-X. Gong

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A compact shorted annular patch antenna for global positioning system is presented in this paper. Multipath-rejection capability is realized with two stacked shorted annular patches (SAP). The broadband characteristic of the (-10 dB return loss) input impedance bandwidth and the 3 dB bandwidth of axial ratio is achieved by employing capacitively coupled feed structure while the shorted pins located between the upper and the lower patches will realize the impendence matching of the high frequency, which can cover L5/L2/L1 bands for GPS and the relative input impedance bandwidth can achieve 50.6%. The size is 0.3λ×0.3λ for 1.1 GHz.

L. Ji, G. Fu, Z.-Y. Zhang, and S.-X. Gong, "Broadband Multipath-Rejection Shorted Annular Patch Antenna for GPS Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 42, 89-96, 2013.

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