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By G. Burlak, M. N. Villeda, and R. S. Salgado

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By the transfer matrix approach we numerically study the electromagnetic properties (narrow peak positions) of the transmission spectra for microspheres coated by a multilayered stack with the generalized Cantor structure (fractal). As opposed to the standard Cantor system with removed γ/3 [γ=1] section we consider here the solid stack with Si/SiO2 layers at general γ value. In such a solid composition the SiO2 layers replace the empty Cantor sections and the parameter γ acquires meaning of a specific control parameter. At successive generations the central layers (in blocks of the spherical stack) acquire a progressive decreased width that leads to generation of the radially inhomogeneous defects. We show that the wave phase interference in such a fractal pattern leads to formation of very narrow electromagnetic transmittance resonances that can be used in modern optoelectronics.

G. Burlak, M. N. Villeda, and R. S. Salgado, "The Electromagnetic Properties of the Generalized Cantor Stack in Spherical Multilayered Systems," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 48, 1-6, 2014.

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