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By K. J. Babu, R. W. Aldhaheri, M. Younus Talha, and I. S. Alruhaili

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A novel compact two-element MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antenna system operating from 6.1-7.8 GHz is proposed for wireless applications. The developed antenna system resonates at 6.8 GHz frequency, giving an impedance bandwidth of 25% (based on S11<-10 dB). An efficient technique is proposed to reduce the mutual coupling developed in the antenna system by employing a simple microstrip patch element in between the antennas. Using the proposed method, the mutual coupling is reduced to around -33 dB at the resonant frequency and maintaining the overall mutual coupling less than -20 dB in the operating band. The experimental models are developed for both the MIMO systems i.e. without and with patch element between the antennas and the results are compared with simulated results. Also, Enveloped Correlation Coefficient (ECC) between the two antennas is calculated and compared.

K. J. Babu, R. W. Aldhaheri, M. Younus Talha, and I. S. Alruhaili, "Design of a Compact Two Element MIMO Antenna System with Improved Isolation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 48, 27-32, 2014.

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