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By C. Tian, Y.-C. Jiao, and W.-L. Liang

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A novel broadband circularly polarized slot antenna with a rotated slot for bandwidth enhancement is proposed. The antenna has a simple structure, consisting of a microstrip feed line, a substrate, and a rotated rectangular slot with two branches etched on the plane. By appropriately adding the rotated rectangular slot and two branches on the ground-plane, the impedance bandwidth of the antenna is enlarged, and its wide axial-ratio (AR) bandwidth is achieved. Experimental results show the proposed antenna has good right-hand circular polarization (RHCP) characteristics. The measured -10-dB return loss impedance bandwidth and 3 dB axial-ratio bandwidth are 38.8% (1.5 GHz~2.2 GHz) and 25.6% (1.56 GHz~2.02 GHz) at the center frequency of 1.8 GHz.

C. Tian, Y.-C. Jiao, and W.-L. Liang, "A Broadband Circularly Polarized Square Slot Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 50, 29-34, 2014.

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