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By L. Yu, J. Song, Y. Gao, K. He, and F. Gao

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A low profile dual-polarized omnidirectional antenna with an overall height of 80 mm is presented in this paper for broadband indoor distributed antenna system (IDAS). The proposed antenna consists of an improved discone antenna for vertical polarization (VP) and a printed dipole array with five pairs of dipoles for horizontal polarization (HP). The VP element is a combination of three radiation patches, a cone-shaped feeding structure, a circular shorted loading patch and a coupling ring. By loading the coupling patch and coupling ring over the top and at the bottom of the radiation patches, the bandwidth for VP is significantly enlarged while the antenna height is reduced. Simulated and measured results indicate that the operating bands of 0.86-5.62 GHz for VP and 1.62-2.71 for HP are realized. Omnidirectional radiation patterns in horizontal plane for HP and VP, good port isolation of greater than 26 dB, low cross polarization level, and stable gain (2.6-5.6 dBi for VP and 2.8-4.2 dBi for HP) are achieved during the operating bands, which demonstrate the proposed antenna can be widely used for broadband IDAS.

L. Yu, J. Song, Y. Gao, K. He, and F. Gao, "Low-Profile Dual-Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna for Broadband Indoor Distributed Antenna System," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 67, 39-45, 2017.

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