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By M. G. Kulkarni, A. N. Cheeran, K. P. Ray, and S. S. Kakatkar

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This paper presents design and analysis of six different configurations of Coplanar Waveguide Band Reject Filters (CPW-BRF) using Rectangular Dumbbell Electromagnetic Band Gap (RDEBG) cell structures. The performance in terms of rejection bandwidth, attenuation, cutoff characteristics of the proposed design are found superior to the earlier reported CPW-BRF. Using cascading of six RDEBG cells, rejection bandwidth has been improved up to 2.8 GHz with attenuation of -38.8 dB and filter selectivity of 26.9 dB/GHz. In addition, the radiation losses have also been analyzed by extracting equivalent R, L and C values from electromagnetic (EM) simulation results. Fabricated CPW-BRF using four RDEBG cells has been analyzed. For the fabricated CPW-BRF simulated and measured results are found in good agreement.

M. G. Kulkarni, A. N. Cheeran, K. P. Ray, and S. S. Kakatkar, "Coplanar Waveguide Band Reject Filter Using Electromagnetic Band Gap Structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 70, 53-58, 2017.

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