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By P. Liu, D. Sun, P. Wang, and P. Gao

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A dual-band two-element Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) antenna for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) applications is proposed in this paper. The MIMO antenna consists of two closely arranged symmetric monopole antennas with edge-to-edge distance of only 5.3 mm (0.044λ at 2.51 GHz). To enhance isolation, a decoupling network is inserted between the two antennas without increasing the footprint. The -10 dB impedance bandwidths in lower and higher frequency bands are 2.46-2.7 GHz and 5.04-5.5 GHz. Compared to previous works, the presented decoupling structure can obtain higher isolation over 30 dB in dual bands. Measured results agree well with the simulated ones.

P. Liu, D. Sun, P. Wang, and P. Gao, "Design of a Dual-Band MIMO Antenna with High Isolation for WLAN Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 74, 23-30, 2018.

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