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By A. M. Shaarawi, I. M. Besieris, A. M. Attiya, and E. El-Diwany

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The spectral structure of the reflected and transmitted fields due to a three dimensional electromagnetic X-wave incident on a planar air-dielectric interface is examined. Using a novel superposition of azimuthally dependent pulsed plane waves, it is shown that for oblique incidence the reflected pulse has a localized wave structure. On the other hand, the transmitted field maintains its localization up to a certain distance from the interface beyond which it starts disintegrating. A study of the effects of polarization on the amplitudes of the reflected and transmitted wave fields is presented.

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A. M. Shaarawi, I. M. Besieris, A. M. Attiya, and E. El-Diwany, "Reflection and Transmission of an Electromagnetic X-Wave Incident on a Planar Air-Dielectric Interface: Spectral Analysis," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 30, 213-249, 2001.

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