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By L.-W. Li, T.-X. Zhao, M.-S. Leong, and T.-S. Yeo

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In this paper, a spatial-domain Galerkin's procedure in Method of Moments is applied to analyse a cylindrical-rectangular chirostrop antenna. It is assumed that a single-layer chiral substrate is wrap-fabricated around a conducting core-cylinder and that a perfectly conducting and electrically thin rectangular-cylindrical microstrip patch antenna is mounted on the surface of the chiral substrate. By imposing the boundary conditions on the multiple interfaces and applying the scattering superposition method, a complete expression of dyadic Green's functions (DGFs) has been obtained and the current distribution over the cylindrical rectangular chirostrip antenna has been determined. Various radiation patterns due to such a microstrip antenna in the presence of a chiral substrate are obtained and compared with those in the presence of an achiral substrate, so as to gain physical insight into effects of the chirostrip.

L.-W. Li, T.-X. Zhao, M.-S. Leong, and T.-S. Yeo, "A Spatial-Domain Method of Moments Analysis of a Cylindrical-Rectangular Chirostrip," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 35, 165-182, 2002.

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