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Energy Patterns for a Conducting Circular Disc Buried in a Homogeneous Lossy Medium and Excited by Ultra-Wideband Generalized Gaussian Pulses

By M. G. M. Hussain and S. F. Mahmoud

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In this paper, we analyze the scattering of ultra-wideband (UWB) electromagnetic pulses from a conducting circular disc, buried in a homogeneous lossy medium. The transient currents excited on the surface of the conducting disc are derived, in the frequency domain, as series expansion of a set of orthogonal functions that satisfy specified boundary conditions. The amplitude spectral density of the surface currents are plotted for a given disc radius, and depth in a lossy medium. Aclosed form solution for the backscattered electric field strength in the far zone is derived in the frequency domain for the case of a normally-incident plane wave having the time variation of a generalized Gaussian pulse (GGP). The time variation and the energy density spectrum of the GGP signal and that of the backscattered signal in the far zone are plotted too. Computer plots of the backscattered energy versus observation angle, depth, disc radius, altitude from surface of the lossy medium, and the electric properties of the medium, result in various energy patterns that are desirable for the design and performance analysis of UWB ground-penetration impulse radar.

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M. G. M. Hussain and S. F. Mahmoud, "Energy patterns for a conducting circular disc buried in a homogeneous lossy medium and excited by ultra-wideband generalized gaussian pulses," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 43, 59-74, 2003.

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