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Wave Propagation in a Curved Waveguide with Arbitrary Dielectric Transverse Profiles

Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 42, 173-192, 2003


A rigorous approach is derived for the analysis of electromagnetic (EM) wave propagation in dielectric waveguides with arbitrary profiles, situated inside rectangular metal tubes, and along a curved dielectric waveguide. The first objective is to develop a mode model in order to provide a numerical tool for the calculation of the output fields for radius of curvature 0.1 m ≤ R ≤ ∞. Therefore we take into account all the terms in the calculations, without neglecting the terms of the bending. Another objective is to demonstrate the ability of the model to solve practical problems with inhomogeneous dielectric profiles. The method is based on Fourier coefficients of the transverse dielectric profile and those of the input wave profile. These improvements contribute to the application of the model for inhomogeneous dielectric profiles with single or multiple maxima in the transverse plane. This model is useful for the analysis of dielectric waveguides in the microwave and the millimeter-wave regimes, for diffused optical waveguides in integrated optics, and for IR regimes.


, "Wave Propagation in a Curved Waveguide with Arbitrary Dielectric Transverse Profiles," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 42, 173-192, 2003.


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