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Scattering of X-Waves from a Circular Disk Using a Time Domain Incremental Theory of Diffraction

By A. M. Attiya, E. El-Diwany, A. M. Shaarawi, and I. M. Besieris

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The diffraction and scattering of a first-order ultrawideband TE X-wave by a perfectly conducting circular disk is investigated using an augmented time-domain incremental theory of diffraction. The analysis relies on a pulsed plane wave representation of the incident X-wave. The diffraction and scattering of each constituent pulsed plane wave component is calculated at the observation point. A subsequent azimuthal angular superposition yields the diffracted and scattered field due to the incident X-wave pulse. Making use of the localization and symmetry properties of the incident TE X-wave, a novel four-sensor correlated detection scheme is introduced which is particularly effective in detecting the edges of the scattering disk and has an exceptional resolving power.

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A. M. Attiya, E. El-Diwany, A. M. Shaarawi, and I. M. Besieris, " scattering of x - waves from a circular disk using a time domain incremental theory of diffraction ," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 44, 103-129, 2004.

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