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By D. Pouhe

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The propagation of the TEM and higher order Modes in GTEM cells is theoretically treated in this work in spherical coordinates. The derived wave equation for the principal mode is solved analytically in two different ways. In which case, two general closed-solutions are derived. In addition to this a simple approximation for the special case of the symmetric cells is presented. For higher order waves, E- and H-modes are determined by solving the Helmholz equations for phasor. By imposing the boundary conditions on fields, the determination of local higher-order modes is, for symmetric cells, reduced to the solution of a simple transcendental equation Lmνn (cos θ) = 0. For asymmetric cells, the matching-points method is applied. In the longitudinal direction, the propagation of the fields is examined by means of cylindrical functions which are combined with the spherical one. Furthermore, since the GTEM cell is a conical-horn resonator, the resonance behavior of the cell is investigated. The main advantages of the method amongst others are its simplicity and high degree of accuracy. Its appeal consist of precise description of the cell's geometry compared with the other methods.

D. Pouhe, "Spherical Waves in Conical TEM Cells," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 57, 209-236, 2006.

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