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By W. Hussain

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This paper is concerned with the diffraction of an electromagnetic wave by a perfectly conducting half-plane in a homogeneous bi-isotropic medium (asymptotically). Similar analysis in a source-free field is done in S. Asghar and A. Lakhtakia (1994), Planewave diffraction by a perfectly conducting half-plane in a homogeneous bi-isotropic medium. Int. J. Appl. Electromagnetics in materials, 5, (1994), 181-188.

In this paper attention is focused on the wave coming from a line source.

The objective is to study the scattering of an electromagnetic wave from the boundary of a half-plane and thereby to provide a theoretical framework for the line source diffraction asymptotical ly. In far field approximation it is shown that an incident wave coming from a line source behaves like a plane wave. The scattered field is calculated by using the Fourier transform and the Wiener-Hopf techniques. The scattered field in the far zone is determined by using contour integration.

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