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By Z.-X. Li

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Combined volume scattering with rough surface scattering effects in passive microwave remote sensing of wet snow is studied in this paper. The dense medium radiative transfer (DMRT) theory with quasicrystalline approximation (QCA) is used to describe the volume scattering model for densely distributed sticky coated dielectric particles. The Numerical Maxwell Model of 3D simulations (NMM3D) is used to simulate the rough surface bistatic scattering and emission, and the bistatic scattering coefficients and emissivity of the rough surfaces are utilized as the boundary conditions for the DMRT. Full multiple scattering solutions are calculated by solving the DMRT numerically. Wet snow model is adopted in this paper, the results are illustrated for a layer of wet snow over a moist rough ground at 18.7 GHz and 38.5GHz.

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Z.-X. Li, "Modelling the Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of Wet Snow," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol. 62, 143-164, 2006.

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